Amnesia: The Dark Descent Custom Story – Servitude

Amnesia 2010-09-11 19-15-23-58

First of all, Ramadan mubark to ya’ll. First day was kinda exhausting, but hey, I’ve experienced worse. Anyway, let’s get started shall we?

Amnesia is a survival horror game, with physics infused gameplay elements. The main idea of the game is “immersiveness,” you can’t fight enemies nor that you have the chance to run away quickly. The instance you hear an enemy noise, you must hide, and you must hide fast. This builds up quite the atmosphere, and the sound design makes it perfect.

That is the main game, which is not our subject. You see, the development team offered the players tools to make their own custom stories/mods. In other words, you can make your own game using Amnesia’s engine. That is a wonderful move, and really gives the game a very long replay value, as you will always can play the customs stories found in the internet. Some of them are very good, e.g. Abduction or Unexpected Arrival, and some of them are very horrible, which I will not mention.

It’s been a week of non-stop work between me and my friend (@TheAceOverlord,) as we are doing a custom story by the name of Servitude. I’m handling the story/gameplay elements/level design and he’s doing the scripting (programming) and the technical stuff. So far, we’re very happy with our work, we have about 7 maps, 3 which are done, 2 is in progress, and we haven’t started yet on the last 2. We have our story all figured out, there’s also many, many gameplay ideas and some awesome stuff that I can assure you it’ll scare you shitless.

Yesterday we released a teaser, just a quick glimpse. I kinda regret adding the mansion scene as it’s still work in progress and it’s empty, which may affect the general appeal. But all in all, this is just a quick teaser, only to rally people up.

Lance Venne was a burnt-out exorcist, he never really did believe in the stuff he did, as he was forced by his family tradition. (Do people really think that there are souls hunting them?) Lance wondered. (Are they really that naïve? Do they live with that fear surrounding them?)

Nevertheless, Lance carried out his job for about 10 years, dealing with all the situations humankind can offer. But that one day, changed him forever.

This is kinda like an introduction, it shows nothing and I mean to keep it like that. I can assure you that the story is awesome, and have a nice twist in the end. Also, I have some screenshots that I took the other day, I shall post more in the future.

This post is mainly about introducing people to our work, if all goes well, it should be done before the end of Ramadan inshallah. That’s it folks!

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